Sat 3 Dec @ Secret Location


Welcome to Espionage

Are you one of us?

We’re that faint click on the line, the shadow over your shoulder, a black-market kiss. Behind us lies a smoke-trail of gauloise & betrayal.

You are?  Then quick – this message is for you.

‘gathering STOP female agents STOP Sat 3 Dec STOP exit deep cover STOP ears to the ground STOP history has overlooked us STOP but we are here STOP’

Now, burn the invite.

The Night

Hush & Indigo unite for an undercover night of femme fatales, strange fellows, flings, flirts & fine tunes. Think of it as a secret society party for those in the know. The location is classified – an informant whispered central Bristol. Watch your phone. Instructions to follow.

Sat 3rd Dec
8 pm – 2 am
Secret Central Bristol Location


Our lesbian / LBTQ+ Xmas events are always incredibly popular. Please book early to avoid disappointment.


Femme Fatales *FBI * French Resistance * KGB Queens * Steel-eyed Stasi * Sleuths * Spooks & Secret Police. Dandy Double Agents * D.E.B.S* Homeland & Handlers * Molls * Moles & Mission Impossible * Bewitching Butchettes & Bletchley Circle *

Espionage is the 5th Xmas creation from Indigo. Following in the sprit of ‘Prohibition’, ‘The Voyage’, ‘Blackout’ and ‘The Night Circus’, this Xmas event is set to be the lesbian / LBTQ+ event of the year.